Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I can cry if I want to!

I have never been the sentimental type. I was always throwing or giving things away. I never cried at sad or girlie movies. I was a rock! Then I got pregnant and boy did my life change...haha.....I cried over someone giving me snowman cookies and suddenly I couldn't bare the thought of giving anything of my lil man's away! I wanted to keep everything he ever touched! I know that I can't do that so I have been trying to figure out some ways that I could repurpose some of the things I just couldn't let go of yet!

We just recently moved into a new house and I needed a curtain for my lil guys room. So I dug his crib skirt out of a box and decided to use it somehow to make a curtain. I bought a solid Navy curtain from the store and thought I could use the skirt to spice it up a bit! Here is what I did:

Step One: Cut the skirt along the top seam. It just makes it easier to work with. ( don't judge the wrinkledness of the skirt lol)

Step two: I attached the piece of the skirt right on top of the curtain. That leaves you with a very ugly seam!
Step Three: I covered my ugly seam with some burlap ribbon ( which by the way is my new favorite) I used hot glue to attach this.

Step Four: Hung it up!
I Love the way it turned out! my lil guy loves the way it turned out! He is very proud of his new curtain! I have come up with some more way to use his baby bedding on through his boy hood but since we are still in the crib I can't show you those yet! Stay tuned! I hope this inspires you to repurpose :)

live fabulously,

Monday, January 2, 2012


Today I deChristmasfied the house! Its always one of the saddest days for me because I LOVE Christmas so much! My Hubby laughs at me! I know that most people are so tired of Christmas stuff by the time January gets here, but I'm the strange one that isn't...hehe! So in order to lift my spirits a bit I made a "winter" wreath.

I started with my go to grapevine wreath.

I added some wintery pinecones and white birds.
Then I added some sparkle and a burlap bow to finish it off. I attached everything with floral wire so that I can remove it later! I'm loving the way it turned out! Good way to start 2012 :)

Now to watch some football!!!!

live fabulously,

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peanut Butter Balls

My hubby's favorite homemade holiday candy is my peanut butter balls.....He loves them! I was making them the week of Christmas and my one yr old lil bug was "helping" me! I knew lil bug was his daddy's mini me but I didn't know that he would share his daddy's love of the ball the way he did! I had cut one in half to let him try it.....He LOVED it! A few seconds later, I turn around to see his little hand reaching on the counter looking for the other half! He found it, ate it and ran! He cracks me up!

After I made them this year, everyone has been begging me for the recipe.....so I thought I would share!

1 Pound of Powder Sugar
1 stick of soften butter
8oz jar of smooth peanut butter

mix all of this together. form nice 1/2 in. balls and place in fridge overnight to set. In a double boiler ( if you don't have one you can boil water in a regular pot and place a bowl inside) melt chocolate almond bark. Once melted, with a toothpick dip ball into the chocolate and set on wax paper to set. Then ENJOY :)

I know the holidays are officially over tomorrow but I just wasn't ready to let go just yet! Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!

live fabulously,